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Hello Bloggies,

So I thought it would be nice to share with you my AMAZINGGGGG fashion secret. You may already know about this, but if you didn’t your about to have a spazz attack of fashion joy when you find out, as I did. So there is this company called Asos (asos.comus.asos.com if you are in America) and it is just wonderful. They have millions of clothes, all adorable, and very reasonably priced. Did I also mention – shoes, bags, jewelry, tights, accessories ect. ect. ect. The list goes on AND shipping is FREE (yes FREE) from Britain to America. So you get savvy European fashion at exactly the listed price in 10 days. They very closely adapt thousands of runway looks and trends and even allow you to see what they have copied from celebrities. So, if you envy the style of Mrs. Victoria Beckham you can find clothes copied from her wardrobe right there to purchase. I cannot even tell you how many things I have gotten from here and always receive more compliments than I can remember. I am currently toting a black quilted chain bag copy of the Chanel quilted bag that I got for ($24) I may or may not have also bought it in 4 other colors…

The site also puts a streaming video of the model walking on the runway in every item so you can see how it looks on a person and I promise, the quality is actually quite good. Please take a look, I think you will be more than satisfied 🙂

Ta Ta and Ciao for now



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