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Yup I’m most definitely in LOVE!

Hello Bloggies,

So, despite the fact that the spring 2011 shows in Paris were in October, I am feeling like a little pick me up this morning so I decided to review the collections for this blog (cause I started after October — I know..lame) 😉

But anywho, show seasons are my favorite (and for other runway addicts, I trend watch by Paris first, no disrespect to Milan) so normally I would be more on time but I have been major busy the last couple of days and have been away from my computer. Back again I quickly hoped over to NY Magazine website fashion section – and this is where I found love at first sight…


Now, I will let you know that I am already committed to Saab. One of my favorite designers, I most always love their collections. However, due to the lack of color that found its way to some of the other houses this season, I found myself enchanted back in October by the honey melon, blush stone, light – almost robins eggs blues, greens (which technical shade has lost my mind at the moment), sparkle, chiffon, double crepe jersey, and unique prints. THIS IS SPRING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. None of this brown and black. I’m talking a real spring runway show – full of color, exuberance, honey dew blushed skin, highlighted hair, and happiness. Back to the days of the great Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel. Where springtime in Paris meant color and happiness and above all FASHION. So here are pictures of the beauty (a lot because I had a hard time editing down the collection). Actually you probably skipped my long rant and went straight to the pictures, but I’ll pretend like you didn’t 😉 So if you have already seen this show – you know what I’m talking about..and if you haven’t heres to looking forward to this spring!

I NEED this entire outfit and shoes in my wardrobe – just sayin

perfection! This color and the blue will be my colors for spring – you heard it here first!

Oh- and this color too

Actresses—start your bidding for this dress for awards season!



Well I hope you enjoyed the collection as much as I did! further updates to come with Spring 2011 Paris

Ciao and Ta Ta for now

– G


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